we all exist in some sort of ish... what is your ish?
Feb. 7, 2023

🎹 SideTalk 2: changing worlds with Axel

🎹 SideTalk 2: changing worlds with Axel

How do you understand time? Is it linear? Do things progress with time? Or do they regress?

Axel’s Two-Part Interview

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In these 'SideTalk' episodes of the in-betweenish pod, I’ll be selecting side conversations extracted from recording sessions with our guests. 

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Axel Kacoutié

Axel Kacoutié is a creator who's been crafting sound, music, and words to challenge the familiar and revive a magic in the mundane. They are also the Creative Director of Sound for Guardian Podcasts and the sound designer and theme composer for its flagship daily news podcast, Today in Focus.