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Dec. 8, 2021

๐Ÿƒ but you're fun even though you're foreign โ€” with Hedvig

๐Ÿƒ but you're fun even though you're foreign โ€” with Hedvig

Do you remember the first time you were called a foreigner?
On this episode I speak with Hedvig Sandbu, a language and learning coach, as she reflects on her upbringing between two countries, her sense of belonging compared to others around her, and her passion for languages. We speak about growing up in a bubble, attending international schools, and people's perception of us that may be different than our own. She shares how throughout the pandemic, her idea of belonging changed and she reveals just how ingrained the practice of being in nature is to her Norwegian roots.

Episode Mentionsย 

  • Belgium Rapper: Stromae's song Bรขtardย 
    "monsieur n'est mรชme pas raciste, vu que monsieur n'a pas de racines"
  • Norwegian Philospher: Arne Nรฆssย 
    and his philosophy "Ecosophy T"


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Hedvig Sandu

Hedvig is a language and learning coach on a mission to make language learning accessible and possible for everyone*. She's just launched a new podcast called Abundate, where adult language learners get their weekly dose of inspiration, motivation and tools to boost their language learning.